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Online Casino Gambling in Malaysia

“Gambling is the great leveller. All men are equal at cards“.

And who could argue with Nikolai Gogol? From the very first poker parlours to the multiple offerings at today’s Malaysia online casino this has always been the case. Let’s face it. We all love a gamble. Whether it’s the high roller about to put it all on the line, or the casual passing time at the slots, for a few seconds, we all feel the same.

Look around the world we live in and you would be hard pressed to find any other activity where everyone has the same chance. The problem is that historically, society has never been equal. And in the early days of casinos, the operators knew this only too well. Gambling is entertainment. People are in it for the fun, the adrenaline rush. The atmosphere had to be tailored to the clientele. Simultaneously, they had to reach a scale where they were making money and this required numbers. There had to be a way to bring in large numbers of players. It could be argued that the very early incorporation of slot machines into casinos was for this very reason. As casinos quickly evolved into the go to entertainment centres like Genting Casino Resort, there had to be a growing variety of games to suit different sections of society and constantly evolving entertainment to keep them in house. All the while they would also have to create artificial barriers that kept the very biggest players cocooned in their own world.

This is not the only problem they would face though. As long as there has been organised gambling, there have been authorities trying to regulate it. The older establishments were often the largest businesses in town. This attracted all kinds of people looking to make money. Liquor, vice activities, were just a few of the things that were an inevitable part of these places and this was a constant problem for the authorities and the promoters. As a significant and growing employer and tax contributor the governments could not just turn them away, but they could not be seen as soft on some of the associated activities. The easiest compromise was in regulating location. Which in turn became - and remains - the one great impediment to land based casinos. They simply could not be everywhere for everyone. This need to attract patrons even spawned promotions of all kinds with the bigger organisations even flying people in giving them free meals, accommodation, bonus chips, anything that would attract players and keep them. Real change however, was slow to come. Barriers remained. Traditional beliefs remained. Authorities would relax their attitude in certain locations but it was nowhere near enough. The rapid rise of urban centres brought with it a growth in income levels and people wanted more entertainment. Something had to give.

Technology The Great Leveller

As in so many areas of our lives today, it was technology that came to the rescue. One of the highlights of our times is how technology has revolutionised communication. The internet and social media in particular have allowed us a unique window into the world and nothing has contributed more to breaking down barriers worldwide. However, this has also brought about a massive influx of people into the cities, leading to unprecedented growth and with it, all kinds of new problems. Allowing space for new casinos was obviously going to be very low on a city’s list of priorities. Here was a massive industry that had stagnated. Venues were getting bigger and flashier but their restrictions remained the same. Aside from the constant problems of regulation, there was still a subtle, yet ingrained discrimination. The mindset of the time and a lack of much competition, meant that promoters did not yet understand the value of building loyalty among all their patrons. Their main focus was still the high roller. The mass market player was not such a priority because there would always be more of them. Yet they could only ever hope to achieve significant expansion by reaching new markets and bringing in more people.

So it was inevitable that technology would reach the gambling world. From the earliest betting pages on the internet, promoters have quickly realised the many benefits of being online. The most obvious of these of course is cost. The massive investment required for a landed casino meant it was always the territory of the ultra wealthy. Suddenly there was a platform where almost anyone could gamble. Anywhere. Of course these early offerings were a far cry from today’s professionally run online casino Malaysia, but this would not be the case for long.

With the explosion of online casinos in recent years, the entire gambling industry had to change along with it. This once opaque industry was now open to all comers. Online casinos had to work on ways to replace the excitement. The glitzy, glamorous hotels and resorts that housed casinos were a big attraction in their own right. Where once casino promoters were fiercely secretive about their operations, the modern promoters were essentially forced to realise the benefits of collaboration due to the different elements required to build a successful online casino. It was also no longer a business where they could take the client for granted. In the past, because the client would go to great lengths to get to a casino venue, promoters mainly had to focus on the promotions and marketing required to get them there. The venues, with their increasingly outlandish attractions aside from gambling, were designed to – and often successfully managed to - keep people there.

The Rise of the Online Casino

This was patently not the case anymore with an online casino. Coupled with this was the huge competition that mushroomed online. All of a sudden there were new casinos appearing every other day. In the early days this of course meant a surge of fly by night operators and scammers, but this was short lived as gamblers very quickly spotted the bad apples and this in a way became a positive for professionally run sites because more and more players tended to stick with the few good ones. A plus side to this of course was that there were a significant number of avid gamblers who had lived the casino life and could now put these experiences to good use. As is the case with our own online casino Malaysia, a number of these individuals moved into the online casino business. Understanding the traditional casino world and some of its drawbacks was key to ensuring mistakes would be remedied and not carried on.

Addressing the issue of attracting customers, the promoters quickly turned to the age old favorite. Promotions. But with a new twist. Where in the past it was charter flights, free rooms or liquor, the focus was now solely on the gaming experience. Today the very best online casinos like QQclubs will have an array of deposit bonus available from the moment a player signs on and this continues throughout their playing time. Modern promotions have to serve a number of purposes simultaneously. Furthermore, customization is no more the preserve of the high rollers. There are a slew of promos to suit all kinds of different gamblers meaning virtually anyone, however new, can benefit. As a means of introduction to online gambling they also provide new players with the time to get used to playing online by allowing them to play longer for less expense, thus giving people even more reasons to play at online casinos. Additionally, the promoters know that customer loyalty is paramount. Loyalty has to be acknowledged and rewarded and this is another key area of focus when it comes to promotions. A factor that has aided the variety of promotions is the relatively miniscule investment needed for online casinos.

Stripped of all the extra forms of entertainment and with a large and growing choice of sites, players will only stay if they see these benefits. This fact has spurred on the game developers and they have responded in grand fashion. In a short time they have delivered an outstanding array of online games which only continues to evolve and grow. While these are essentially the same games that gamblers have been used to, technological advancements meant they can put a whole new spin on them. This is most obvious when it comes to the casino slot machine games. There is a bewildering choice available in modern slot games. It is such a far cry from the old “fruit machines” with their 3 lines and single jackpot that you could say they are almost brand new games.

With native apps like 918kiss, complex intros, spectacular live backgrounds and seamless gameplay these games captivate players almost like they're watching a movie. Most of the top slot games have 5 rows which in itself allows for more chances to win. But they don’t stop there. The ability to customise the number of active rows, independently adjust bet sizes, all contribute to a wonderfully immersive experience that is unique to online casino games. As we have mentioned, online casinos have also served to remove barriers in many areas of gambling. This is even the case with some games. Take Baccarat for example. With a small contribution from James Bond, this game has always been viewed as one for the wealthy. In the old days casinos had to maintain this allure because it was indeed a game popular mainly among the rich. At online casinos you will find that this is not the case. The game can be played for low stakes and is often found in the live casino section meaning players still get a taste of the old casino experience.

Online Casino Gambling in Malaysia

Now one more aspect is essential to the success of Online Casinos in Malaysia. This is the ability to play anytime, anywhere. Sitting at home playing means not having spent a cent before you are in the casino. This is the greatest differentiator from traditional casinos. For this the developers have ensured that a growing list, which already includes many of their bestselling games, are available on mobile. This has truly removed some of the last barriers for players. It has also served to make casino gaming a more social exercise. Two friends playing at the same table in a real world casino would more than likely see themselves as competitors. Put the same friends on their mobiles and playing at an online casino and this likely would not be the case.

Perhaps the biggest indicator that Online Casino Gambling in Malaysia truly have come into their own is the reaction of the traditional casinos. As expected, they initially did not see the online world as competition. They had never known a serious competitor. By the time they accepted this, it was already an established fact. Many Trusted Malaysia Online Casinos had already established themselves with a loyal following. As a result these places have had to evolve themselves. Most of them have expanded their non-gambling activities to draw in the crowds. They have even started to focus on activities and shows for children. A number of them have even made sure they have a presence in the online casino world. This is clear vindication for online casinos and shows that they have truly arrived.

So if expert technological know-how and support, the best game vendors, secure and reliable payment systems and constantly assessed promotional offerings are seen as the main components vital to online casinos, then we are quietly confident about our own QQclubs. With many years under our belt we are veterans of this industry and continue to love it. We are already seen as one the best online casino Malaysia and our customers understandably hold us to a higher standard. With our enduring commitment to this business, we believe we can always get better